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University of Toronto

Regis College

  • Collectivité
  • 1930-

Opening its doors in 1930, Collegium Christi Regis / College of Christ the King (now known as Regis College), was the first Jesuit seminary in Toronto, situated at 403 Wellington Street. It provided an education in philosophy and theology to Jesuit scholastics, and was eventually able to confer holy orders (i.e. ordain priests). In 1961, a new seminary was built on Bayview Avenue in the Willowdale neighbourhood of Toronto and Regis College moved to that location. As the partnership between Regis College and the University of Toronto developed, the College moved near the University of Toronto in 1976.

While Regis College was founded as an institution dedicated to providing education to Jesuit scholastics and brothers, its mission broadened with time. In 1969, Regis was one of the founding institutions of the Toronto School of Theology, an ecumenical institute affiliated with the University of Toronto. Regis College also began welcoming lay students in 1976. It now serves as the Jesuit Faculty of Theology for the University of Toronto and remains a federated college of the same University. Since 2009, Regis College has been located at the heart of the University of Toronto campus.