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Joseph Cadot, S.J. Collection

  • CA 0700-3031
  • Collection
  • 1919-1936

The collection contains records that attest to his religious life, including invitations and articles pertaining to his celebration of 60 years in the Society of Jesus, Province of Upper Canada newsletters, newspaper articles about his religious career, handwritten notes on the unveiling of a monument dedicated to him, and memorial cards.

Many of the records in the collection pertain to Father Cadot’s years in the Northern Missions, including a bound collection of hand-transcribed memoires recounting his experiences there compiled by Father Rolland. It also includes a scrapbook of photos of Father Cadot at Chippewa and Guelph in the 1930s, some featuring community members, and newspaper clippings. Some correspondence from the 1930s between Father Cadot and fellow Jesuits during his time at Chippewa Hill can also be found in the collection, as well as a typed account of his time at Cape Croker and Saugeen, written by him. It also includes postcards from Cape Croker.

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Joseph-Marie Couture, S.J. Collection

  • CA 0700-3021
  • Collection
  • [1920]-2004

The collection contains records pertaining to the religious life of Joseph-Marie Couture, S.J. As the man credited with introducing aviation to Northern Ontario, a number of records pertaining to flight and his aircraft can be found in the collection: correspondence between Father Couture and the Provincial concerning his plane, flight-related budgets and expense lists, newspaper articles and books written during and after his life about his story of flight, and a number of photographs of Father Couture and various community members with his plane.

His long career at Longlac and Lake Nipigon, Ontario is demonstrated by a substantial amount of correspondence reporting to other Jesuits about his experience, as well as requesting supplies and detailing logistics. While the bulk of the correspondence is in letter format, the collection also comprises a number of telegraphs sent to Father Couture commemorating his silver Jubilee (indicating 25 years in the Society of Jesus). Additionally, the collection contains a small number of his personal belongings, including a mass book, Longlac paraphernalia like brochures, and several diplomas and certificates.

Many of the records pertain to the aftermath of Father Couture’s death: photographs of his tomb-unveiling ceremony, commemorative articles and scrapbooks produced by colleagues and friends, and telegraphs sent to his contemporaries in Longlac expressing condolences for his passing can all be found in the collection.

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Julien Paquin, S.J. Fonds

  • CA 0700-3020
  • Fonds
  • 1896-[1935]

The fonds documents the activities of Julien Paquin, S.J. It contains information on the presence of Father Paquin within different missions in Northern Ontario and concerning his involvement in the First World War. It also includes his correspondence. The fonds is comprised of five series: correspondence, military service, missions, spiritual notes and reflections and Collège Saint-Boniface. The documents part of the fonds range from 1896 to [1935].

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Spanish Residential School Fonds

  • CA CDA D-3
  • Fonds
  • 1863 - 1964

This fonds provides information on the foundation, evolution, and closing of the Spanish Residential School. It documents the activities of the residential schools, including the technical training of Indigenous children. The school was administered by the Jesuit fathers of the Upper Canada Province, initially named Independent Mission of Canada (1887-1907), Province of Canada (1907-1924), then Vice-Province of Upper Canada (1924-1939). The fonds contains records on the construction of buildings for the school at Spanish in 1913, documents on the social and cultural life at the residential schools, documents about student life, and records about the closing of the residential school for boys in 1958.

The fonds is organized into six series: Administration and financial records; Spanish Residential School buildings; Jesuit personnel; Student affairs; Spanish Residential School Photography Laboratory; and Student achievements and community life. It contains correspondence, diaries, newspaper clippings, financial statements, student registers, and student publications. It also comprises photographs associated with the school cultural and sports programs, including hockey, photographs of the schools’ buildings and Jesuit personnel, and photographs of the Spanish community.

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Michael Karhaienton Jacobs, S.J. Fonds

  • CA 0900-3022
  • Fonds
  • 1902-1988

The fonds contains records relating to the religious life of Michael Karhaienton Jacobs, S.J., and demonstrate the pertinence of his Kanien’kehá:ka heritage. As the first Kanien’kehá:ka Jesuit, Father Jacobs’ fonds contains a number of records relating to events, speeches, and celebrations that highlight his unique position. His ground-breaking 1934 ordination at the Saint-François-Xavier Mission is illustrated through many photographs, newspaper clippings, and correspondences. Similarly, his widely celebrated 50th Jubilee is marked by a number of newspaper clippings, press releases, invitations, and photographs.

His interest in research and education is demonstrated through a series of research notes, essays and talks pertaining to the roots of the Kanien’kéha language, the history of the Onondaga Nation, and the story of Kateri Tekakwitha; records pertaining to the local high school including class lists and educational catalogues can also be found in the fonds.

A number of drafts, correspondences, and newspaper clippings document the process by which Father Jacobs worked to research, design, install, and commemorate a “liberty bell” at St. Regis. The erection of a number of other statues and plaques are the subject of many of the records in the fonds including newspaper clippings, photographs, and correspondences. Father Jacobs’ involvement in the National Shrine of the North American Martyrs in Auriesville, New York, is represented in the fonds through correspondence, photographs, and leaflets; his membership in a number of societies, including Knights of Columbus, is demonstrated through group photos, receipts, and event invitations and bulletins. Additionally, personal documents, including extensive documentation around his ironworker brother, Thomas Jacobs, and family correspondence pertaining to personal and estate matters can also be found in the fonds.

Finally, several objects in the fonds mark Jacobs’ role in his community: gold model lacrosse sticks illustrate his attempt to revive sports in St. Regis; a series of multicoloured feathers refer back to his Kanien’kehá:ka identity, and a number of crucifixes speak to his religious dedication.

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Jean-François Chambon, S.J. Collection

  • CA 0700-3032
  • Collection
  • 1884-189?

The collection contains original correspondence written by Jean-François Chambon, S.J. in the 1890s, as well as an 1884 typed account of Father Chambon’s time at Garden River addressed to the Superior. The collection also includes lumber receipts and other lists of materials, as well as photocopies of biographical material pertaining to Father Chambon.

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Timothy Dwyer, S.J. Collection

  • CA 0700-3043
  • Collection
  • 1926-1947

The collection contains records that attest to his religious life, including a souvenir photo card from his first mass and ordination, birth and baptism records, and memorial cards. A number of photographs can be found in the collection which depict a pow wow in Spanish, Ontario in the 1930s along with other images of Father Dwyer with Fathers and Brothers at Spanish, mostly taken in the 1920s. The collection also contains correspondence from the 1930s to 1940s, most of which is between Father Dwyer and the Provincial and concerns missions at Spanish, Wikwemikong, Garden River, and Sault Ste-Marie.

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Joseph Jennesseaux Collection

  • CA 0700-3049
  • Collection
  • 1862-1890

The collection contains a Jesuit Brothers’ Supplementary Bulletin with information pertaining to his religious career. The collection includes both original letters and some photocopies of letters written by and to Brother Jennesseaux from the 1860s to 1880s, to Collège Saint-Marie in Montreal, Guelph, Ontario, and Manitoulin Island, both in French and English.

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Fonds Mission Saint-Régis

  • CA GLC M-1
  • Fonds
  • 1806-1984

The fonds documents the activities of the St. Regis Mission in Ahkwesáhsne, and the relations and encounters of Jesuit priests with Kanien’kehá:ka people in the region. It contains records created, collected, and accumulated by the Jesuits in Ahkwesáhsne. The records include correspondence, books and manuscripts, pamphlets and booklets, dictionaries and lexicons, financial documents, newspaper clippings, and bulletins and records on the St. Regis church and community life. It includes photographs of Jesuit priests involved in the community and photographs of the St. Regis church. The fonds also includes Kanien’kehá:ka family photographs. The records range from 1806 to 1984.

The fonds is organized into the following six series:

Grammars, dictionaries, and lexicons
St. Regis Mission church and community life
Church’s sermons, prayers, and catechisms
Kateri Tekakwitha
Correspondence, manuscripts, and journals
Financial and administrative records

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Daniel Hannin, S.J. Fonds

  • CA 0700-3025
  • Fonds
  • 1935-1987

The fonds contains records pertaining to the spiritual life of Daniel Hannin, S.J. As a lifelong advocate for adult education in Indigenous communities, Father Hannin’s fonds includes several bound essays and theses on the topic. It also includes correspondence between Father Hannin and religious and academic colleagues. Brochures and newsletters from the Anishinabe Spiritual Centre, Campion College, and other groups and institutions demonstrate Father Hannin’s involvement in both spiritual and educational life wherever he went. Finally, a number of photos depict Father Hannin over the course of his life, from earlier graduation portraits to celebrations with friends later in life.

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